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Protecting your data in the age of cyber-threats



Companies expose a great deal of information online. Hackers use this to launch focused attacks. Digital Shadows delivers a “hacker’s eye view” of an organization, then identifies and helps mitigate risks.

Why do they buy?

Governments and private institutions face an increasing threat of cyber security breaches. As digital business and cyber terrorism continue to expand, maintaining the security of digital information is paramount to maintaining trust, ensuring safety, and retaining customers. Digital Shadows is already a leader in cyber security and complements existing security teams with actionable intelligence derived from continuous monitoring of millions of data sources.

What is the strategy?

Capitalize on the continued importance and vulnerability of digital data by acquiring large customers in government and high-target industries. Digital Shadows offers clients three distinct services via their software. Current industry focus includes banking, retail, defense, and healthcare.

How good are the data?

Interesting, sourced, accurate, and powerful

Per website (and sourced):

  • Annual cost to enterprises of not having live cyber-threat intelligence is $10m.
  • 45% of all phishing attacks in 2013 targeted financial institutions.
  • 822m records exposed by data breaches in 2013, doubling previous record high in 2011.
  • Monitors over 80 million information sources in 26 languages across the globe.

Additional info I want: # of competitors, differentiation from competitors, and revenue mix between consulting and software installation / monitoring.

 What is the ROI vs. risk?

High ROI given the market size and growth of cyber security. Clients already include the Bank of England, therefore management clearly seen as market leader. Top line revenue is likely high, and marginal costs will likely be low.